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Cosmic Golden Solar Angel 

Cosmic Golden Solar Angel

Introducing ‘The 12 Sacred Temples’ in our Solar System and Galaxy

Living deliberately and with purpose in service, that is the role of the Cosmic Solar Angel

Clearing, aligning and balancing all 7 chakras, the new 5 chakra system above you and the 33 winged chakras for your Golden Solar body

Atlantean & Lemurian Crystal Light Levels 2 & 3

Atlantean & Lemurian Crystal Light

Remembering your soul crystal light

Going back to your origins for restoration

Your stories are held in the crystal kingdoms

Star Seeding Genesis

Connecting with Dolphins & Whales

Crystal Guardians

Crystal Guardians

The 33 Crystal Guardians,These divine little Inner Earth Beings will bring through some amazing meditation & healing techniques for you as you uncover some important crystal mysteries that are held within your crystals. Learn how to apply & read these Oracle cards.        A 130 page colour manual is included with maps, all for $120 for the whole day...bring along a favourite crystal or more to activate!

Angel Awareness

Angel Awareness

Discovering the Archangels, their Rays of Light, their Rays of colour

Finding your personal Guardian Angel and Archangel

Seeing their many purposes and how they can assist you

Connecting to their worlds for divine purpose, strength, courage and healing

Archangel oils

Archangel Oils

Divinely inspired sacred Oils in which we apply during this workshop as we do many activations that assist with your connection to the Archangel realms.

The Ray coloured oils come in a roll on bottle, each containing the chosen 3 fragrances that are in alignment with the Elohim of each Ray

Crystal Light Level 1

Crystal Light Level 1-3

The workshop will cover many practical ways to use crystals for healings, grids, and for general everyday use.  You will find out the stories hidden within the crystals you have so you can see why they have come to you.  They are energy transmitters. We go over all the shapes, colours and sizes as well as their mineral and metaphysical properties. Find out the best crystals for you for all your needs. This is a basic good foundation level one course, to get you going on the crystal track!



If you've ever wanted to know more on these vast topics and don’t know where to ask?  We will cover topics on The Galactic cycle, The Dimensions,  Inner Earth, Crystal kingdoms,  Angels and archangels, ET’s and star people, Initiations,  Astrology,  The Chakras, MerKaBah, The Genesis story, Rainbow snake, Whales, Dolphins and more!

Kingdoms of Love

Kingdom of Love

This new deck is designed so that the cards can be used in so many more alternative ways. When you bring forth a reading, you now can work with not only the crystals but also the totem animal, the plant kingdom, the countries and the star systems in which all have a meaning for you at the time. Allowing a larger scope to work with that will broaden your reading, making it more wholesome and soulful

Shamballa Reiki

Shamballa Reiki

A 5th Dimensional Reiki, we are ready! In the Himalayas, Tibet, “Shamballa” means 'source of fortune'. These symbols are designed for the coming times where Modern Western medicine as we have known it, will no longer seem to bring healing. The right symbols will come through to you in the correct order & sequence of your energetic field and at the right natural time for your requirements over the duration of the sessions

Divine Mystical School

Shamballa Reiki

A full year of studying all the workshops, trainings, classes offered in the one package with an amazing Initiation Retreat at the end of the year!

Stay tuned!

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