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Michele was born in Melbourne and started painting at an early age. Beginning with crayons & chalks, like most of us then trying different mediums, modalities, and styles.  After completing Art at Sandringham Technical College, she studied T.O.P. Art & Design at Brighton Technology, then continued on at Caulfield Institute of Technology, Victoria where she qualified in photography, fine art & ceramics.


Although watercolours are still a favourite medium to Michele, because of the soft yet bright variety of tones & colours, spiritual art & she now incorporates designs with her jewellery receiving inspirations from the mermaid realms. 


Moving to Dromana over 38 years ago, her love for the ocean inspired all her work, where she lived in a small cottage hand built together with her husband Evan, creating jewellery from shells and crystals and  beautiful glass beads etc. before moving to the sand dunes in St. Andrews Beach, raising 2 boys and creating more art in the beautiful

Divine Light Ocean Temple her husband built for her.


Over the years Michele has studied a variety of different modalities, which led her into her spiritual path and journey, where she explored many aspects of soul development like many spiritual seekers, therefore can hopefully help you with what you are looking for in some way that will enhance your spiritual journey.


Please click here for her qualifications.


Hope you enjoy her work as it is a gift for you from the Oceans of Love.

Michele Kingston
Michele Kingston
Michele Kingston
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