Ocean & Earth Love Retreats

Retreats are held through out the year at various locations including.

St Andrews Ocean Beach, Bali, and Hawaii.

These luxury retreats are designed to restore the soul, revitalize the body and lift the heart. Making one feel like a fully nurtured divine being again and acknowledging your beauty and power that is and has been within you all along.  


To keep informed of where and when the next retreat is being held,

please ensure you join my mailing list below.


I look forward to welcoming you.

Mermaid Retreat

Dolphin Swims, design your sea shell tops, costumes, crowns, mirrors,  Hear Mermaid stories, songs, dances, enjoy seafood, connect to Atlantis and Lemuria, become an Ocean Queen, save our oceans, Ambassadors ball and so much more!!


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