All unique and divinely crafted products are made in the studio from mostly natural local elements, including gemstones, metals, wires, underground spring water on premises, shells, ocean water, crystals, sand, mud from French Is., feathers, wood, etc.

Recorded, manufactured, designed and made with love.

Imports only on mass-produced items.

All available at the studio, come see for yourself or visit

special various stores throughout Australia.


Browse through my products by clicking on the image,

Purchase through email or phone, shipping can be arranged,


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Ascended Master Sprays

All made with vibrational waters , crystals and oils~ St.Germain’s Amethyst, Lavender spray ~ Lady Nada’s Rose Qtz, Rose oil spray ~ The 12 Masters Spray Elixirs of Shamballa, individual waters from Jesus, Mother Mary, Mary Magdeline, Lady Portia, Lord Kuthumi, Melchizadek, Dwhal Khul, Master Paul Venetian, Serapis Bey, El Moyra, and the Lord Maitreya

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